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Издательство Springer, второе по величине издательство в мире, открыло приём научных статей в новый журнал с открытым доступом Triple Helix: A Journal of University-Industry-Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Triple Helix является официальным журналом Ассоциации Тройной Спирали.

Данный журнал входит в международный список Springer Open, который, уже сегодня включает более 150 рецензируемых журналов с открытым доступом.

Все расходы, связанные с публикацией статей в журнале Triple Helix, оплачиваются Ассоциацией Тройной Спирали.

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A Journal of University-Industry-Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Triple Helix

Triple Helix: a Journal of University-Industry-Government

Innovation and Entrepreneurship  (THJ)

Published by Springer Open in 2014


Inaugural Issue — “Innovation’s Future”


The ‘Triple Helix’ concept was implicit in a movement to address the 1930’s depression (Etzkowitz, 2012).  The great depression of the 1930’s created underutilized physical resources in contrast to the contemporary underutilization of intellectual resources.  Innovation appears to be stalled in the wake of the 2008 economic downturn.  A spectre of obsolescence haunts the innovation system of societies irrespective of national differences, developmental stage, or previous success. Hastened by globalization challenges, and increased competition, an industrial mode of production has run out of steam in many countries and brought the processes of transition to a knowledge-based society to the forefront of attention, in different guises.


‘Open innovation’ pervades the US although only a very small proportion of R&D is conducted collaboratively despite the elimination of Anti-Trust restrictions.  ‘Smart specialization’ takes hold in Europe, requiring concentration of resources and focused choices among R&D fields in regional development projects.  ‘Indigenous innovation’ supersedes reliance on foreign technology transfer as China moves from a ‘catch up’ to ‘take the lead’ strategy.  It is held that, ‘… models shape how innovation is understood, and as a consequence, what policies are formulated and implemented.’ (Godin and Lane, 2013).  This issue focuses on the following questions:


  • What is the way forward in an era of financial stringency?
  • What is the future line of development of the National Innovation System concept and its offshoots, the Triple Helix and its variants?
  • Is there a changed relationship between human needs and technological opportunities in a knowledge-based society?


We would like to invite you to address these questions or pose your own.  An ideal article combines theoretical, empirical, and policy elements, although the balance may differ.   Please send proposals to: journal@triplehelixassociation.org.



Etzkowitz H. (2012) An Innovation Strategy to End the Second Great Depression. European Planning Studies 20(9).

Godin B and Lane J, (2013) Pushes and Pulls: the Hi(S)tory of the Demand Pull Model of Innovation. Science, Technology and Human Values 35(5): 621-654.


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